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Veteran Owned and Operated Farm

Matt and Kara retired from the Army in 2020 and started a farm dedicated to providing quality food to their community. They raise happy animals fed locally milled feed and provided ample space and access to the land. All the poultry free range across the 75 acre farm. The goats and pigs have large pastures regularly moved to provide access to new land and regenerate the soil. 

Rutter's Ranch is proud to host Project Victory Gardens, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing agritherapy, animal therapy, and farm-to-table education for Veterans, Military, and the community. 



Rutter's Ranch is a Veteran owned and operated farm dedicated to providing quality, wholesome food to our community. Matt and Kara Rutter served a cumulative 45 years in the U.S. Army, culminating at Command Sergeant Major and Sergeant Major, respectively. Upon retiring, they spent their time developing a farm filled with happy animals and amazing gardens! 

They have chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, pigs, and alpacas. Whether you want to buy a dozen eggs, a loaf of fresh baked bread, or a breeding pig, Rutter's Ranch is the place for you!

The Rutters are active members of the military and veteran community, as well as the Upstate community. They established Project Victory Gardens to provide agritherapy, animal therapy, and Farm to Table Education for military, veterans, and their communities. Matt is the Founding President and Kara is the Communications Director of the Farmer Veteran Coalition of South Carolina. In their spare time they are both pursuing PhDs at Clemson University focused on veterans in agriculture. After a combined 20 moves and decades spent overseas and in combat zones, they never take for granted a morning when they wake up on their farm.



Kara has spent a lifetime involved in food service. She knows that the best ingredients don't start at the grocery store, they start at the farm! Matt and Kara raise their animals and grow their produce with that in mind. Try it and you'll see!  


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